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Sarah Conen

Fashion Editor


American stylist Sarah Conen has studied and worked in fashion internationally, living in New York, London and Berlin.  Born in Philadelphia PA, Sarah began at a young age working the door at the infamous underground nightclub Fluid.

Fluid hosted musics finest dj’s such as DJ Jazzy Jeff, Rich Medina, Josh Wink, Cash Money, Questlove, and Dieselboy as residents, Fluid brought the musical influence into Sarah’s everyday life and style.  Working at the club with every genre mix, gave Sarah her fashion freedom.  Walking to work through a Philly neighborhood at night, wearing total fashion looks under a tough hoody to still look confined, a mix of high fashion and street; these looks are still affluent in her style today.

Sarah studied at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York, and first began her fashion career as an assistant for Leah C. Couture.  Assisting the designer in all aspects of a millinery couture business.  Sarah was running around Manhattan wearing beautiful couture hats while dropping off samples to New York’s finest socialites, celebrities such as Brittney Spears, international fashion publications, and great places such as Barneys.
Sarah then took an opportunity to move to London, to pursue studying fashion design and marketing.  Sarah holds an American and British Bachelors of Fine Arts degree.

She has worked internationally in the fashion industry for over a decade in styling, ecommerce, public relations, marketing, and cosmetics.  In London Sarah worked in public relations for Calvin Klein cosmetics and NARS, launching the legendary make-up artists Francios Nars cult beauty brand to the UK market.
After enjoying a successful time in the beauty market, Sarah turned back into fashion to follow her true passion.
While working in a few fashion houses, and finding love and a creative time in Berlin Germany,  it was when Sarah found OAK in New York city, she found her true calling in fashion.  Sarah was part of the web department in the head office for OAK.  OAK NYC, leading the web with its dominant web site, editorial features, top set of international design talents, lead by two fashion genius founders, OAK climbed and opened into this new time, part of bringing New York back as the place in fashion.  With the likes of fashions most forward, OAK’s first loyal customers to name a few were Alexander Wang, ASAP Rocky, and Jared Leto, who are well knowns today.

Sarah has been freelancing in styling and is currently based in Berlin Germany. Sarah works together with true designer talents, styling musicians, music tours, fashion editorials, fashion film, and commercial.  Sarah is fashion editor for Victim Magazine.