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Music Editor

While growing up in Berlin Germany, Yasha began his music career at the early age of 15 with his German hip hop band moabeat signed to Virgin Records.  Coming from a life line of artists along with natural singing talent, it was in Yasha to always work creatively through performing arts and visual output.  At the age of 23, Yasha moved overseas to find new horizons in America, living in Philadelphia and New York city.  Yasha began to work in fashion for Hugo Boss and Giorgio Armani in menswear, specializing in suiting and tailoring.  While working as well together with Musicians in North Philadelphia and Brooklyn, partnering in a feature with German hip hop star Marteria, led Yasha to a music contract with Sony and a move back to his hometown Berlin Germany to pursue his Solo music career.  Achieving success commercially on the German charts, Yasha today works on music projects and features as well as a solo artist.  Yasha lives between New York city and Berlin while involving himself in his works in music and fashion.  Yasha wishes to combine music and fashion in his lifeworks, and wished to bring Victim magazine the best of both as music editor.