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Christoper Rumble – Demian Kappenstein & DJ Illvibe

Christoper Rumble – Demian Kappenstein & DJ Illvibe

Music Duo Christopher Rumble



“On my white racing horse…”

Christoper Rumble -  Jazz quotes, beats and samples, sometimes minimalist Dub Jazz. The Musician Duo Christopher Rumble consisting of Demian Kappenstein & DJ Illvibe, created sound for VICTIM Magazine’s 10sec of Taste. “My name is christopher rumble. Since the early eighties i have been ruling the community of burgstall. In summer there is obnoxious insects and rodents in the winter. Hidden in the woods there is a palace of glas. In its musicroom i hit on lumber. On my white racing horse i ride out to flee markets. There i find many vinyl records: polish fusion of grupa sbb, infinite grooves of yo- komono, ancient electronics by tom dissevelt, pandit omkarnath thakur, peter kowald, bird song, explosions and mathcore. It is a shame the records brake very quick. I retreat and construct loop machines made of wood. There is a lot of arguing. I feel melancholy and play on the faderboard. I like performing in hifi stores and travel to india and miami. I take interest in stories of knights and monkeys. I take no interest in charts. knarz. knallharter ränz. god‘s command.”   Take a look at Christopher Rumble’s 10sec of “Naked Clutches” Follow him on FACEBOOK

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