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Fashion-, Session-, Music- Victims! What else?

Fashion-, Session-, Music- Victims! What else?


The VICTIM Magazine – Column

written by sonja koppitz / Illustration by mirjam dumont Weird is definitely not the most subtle way to approach somebody. It’s different when it comes to people who  “wryly“ call themselves a victim – because they’re fascinated, even obsessed with something. “Once up front, always up front” I hear fashion victims whispering … Or music victims: The “All Access“  pass is still dangling on the fridge when its holder shows off the latest handful of festival wristbands. (Quick question: has anybody ever asked Wolfgang Petri how they smell after a while?) Or do we just make fun of these “victims”  because we ourselves don’t have a burning desire for anything? 
There are musicians and artists who even bare “Victim“ in their name. New York City’s Ska band “Choking Victim“, for example. Although they only released two albums in the 90s, other than that they drew attention with their crack use and shoplifting, then split up again. And nobody was choked like the band name says. 
Scissor Sisters on the other hand sing about music itself being the victim. One of their songs is titled“Music Is The Victim”:

„I left my heart in San Fransisco / It’s at some motherfucking disco /  The people there where dancin’ on it  / And that’s including Ms. Matronic“

Ana Matronic, singer for Scissor Sisters, after all took pop culture and anthropology in college. So she should know! Then there’s two House DJs from Berlin who splashed out and did a play on words. They didn’t call themselves 
Fashion Victim, but Session Victim! Perhaps because they’re the victims of their own sessions… Does it give them tunnel vision? At any rate, Session Victim will gladly have pictures taken with a burlap bag over their heads and are releasing their album „See You When You Get There” November 10th. (See, mom? DJs aren’t just professional teens with a Mac. It’s an actual job!). So what’s with “playing the victim” in the music scene? 
Maybe we should all surrender completely once to find out! Not always have the upper hand, not give a hoot and play the victim. 
We recommend “Victim” by Brooklyn’s MOTHXR: although its saxophone solo borders on porn for the ears, threatening to take us back to the 80s, it does offer the hypnotizing voice of Penn Badgley. (Yes, the guy from “Gossip Girl”!) Perhaps a serial victim…?