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Hanne & Lore

Hanne & Lore


“Hanne & Lore – Inspiration from 80s and 90s life”

Steffen Neuhaus & Stefan Helmke are Hanne & Lore, the German duo that has been doing its own house thing since the 90s. Over the years they have headed up their own parties, label and even ran a record shop, all the while DJing and producing increasingly influential sounds. Taking inspiration from 80s and 90s life as much as music – eg the fashion, skating, video games and home computing of those decades – Hanne & Lore have played esteemed clubs like Tresor, Weekend and Watergate as well as many other festivals and clubs around Europe.

Often committing drums, vocals or melodies to iPhone apps, this German pair’s music is a collage of sounds, sketches and snippets recorded on the road and during every day life that are then re-worked in their studio into EPs like Tourette De Mer and Blah! on labels such as Style Rockets and their own well respected Heulsuse. To date their considered material has also come on labels including Sunset, My Best Friend and Monaberry, and the twosome have also been called in to remix artists like Monkey Safari, Jackmode, Andhim and a multitude of others.   for tour Dates take a look to Hanne & Lore’s Website or like them on Facebook          

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