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Wouldn‘t it be dope to have your own genre, a very own sound of your own?

„As a musician, my aim is to surprise myself. It‘s not about the end result. If for a few seconds it all comes together and you‘re simply happy – that‘s what music is about to me.“ Whether something ends up as a track or as a bunch of dead data is not really important. Kid Simius lives for the moment. And he makes music for the moment.

Kid Simius, born José Antonio García Soler hails from Granada in the South of Spain. For many, the 26-year-old Berlin resident‘s name probably rings a bell through his affiliation with German hip hop overlord Marteria.

An integral part of the rapper‘s crew for the last four years, Kid Simius‘ role extends from producer to live-keyboarder, creative sparring companion, partner-in-party-crime and friend. His own musical history, however, reaches back much further. Growing up in Granada, Kid Simius was raised on music. Be it as part of an electro punk band or by crafting sound collages in his living room that were equal parts DJ Shadow and Ennio Morricone.

In the flash of an impulse, Kid Simius decided to move to „Green Berlin“ practically over night.The endless euphoria of a maiden summer in Berlin. The sheer force of the bass lines and kickdrums he encountered on the city‘s notorious clublandscape.

The openminded interpretation of hip hop de-monstrated by his closest peers. And of course his favorite records, whether they were the work of Jimi Hendrix, Squarepusher, LCD Soundsystem or Goldie. „El Clásico“, seeing a limited release in March 2012, is product of – and testament to that time in his life. Electro in form and rock ‚n‘ roll in spirit, the eight tracks show that for Kid Simius, everything goes. Because everything has to. „The album had no coherent thread and wasn‘t really an actual album,“ he remembers. „At that time, I was feeling a lot of different music and just launched right into producing my own.

The results of these experiments then ended up on a CD.“ The 2000 copies were gone in an instant, some of which are now circulating for dizzying prices on the market – just like the recently released 10-inch, „Jalapeños Horror“.

2013 Researching the surf subculturegenre‘s roots, picking up Dick Dale and The Shadows‘ most important albums along the way, cramming amps and effect pedals into his small studio and downing a Desperado or three, Kid Simius goes to work. His work culminates in „Wet Sounds“ – an album that couldn‘t be further removed from mindless carbon copies of the same old happy-go-lucky-clichées.

The record is much rather the expression of a long and loving relationship with music of many different kinds. It is the most poignant statement to date from one of the most unyielding and fascinating artists of today. Guitar rigs, amps and heaps of reverb are piled on top of „Granada“, the unrelentingly pretty composition by Mexico‘s Agustín Lara, guiding it from the year 1932 into the present.

Kid Simius‘ steps remove him further than ever from the hip hop- and club-context he has been toiling in – and yet he remains right there on his home turf. JIRAF RECORDS VÖ:07.03.2014