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Sasha Kurmaz – At the crossroads between society and identity

Sasha Kurmaz – At the crossroads between society and identity

During one of our nightly tours of discovery through the net, we recently came across Sasha Kurmaz, a multi-disciplinary Ukrainian artist born in 1986. The impressive photographs of this Kiev-based artist, which are in part reminiscent of snapshots, reflect situations, objects and events of significance to him at the crossroads between society and identity. This can be intimately-staged nudes with sparse accessories that explore the boundaries of the body, or it can be panorama-like comparisons of the naked body with enormous Soviet-era propaganda sculptures.

“I do not believe in art style, style is like masturbation. I love to experiment more. Repetition is identification; visual identification is style“

The struggle for identity is evident, in an almost documentary manner, also in his photos of burnt-out barricades in connection with the desperate struggle for democracy at the end of 2013 on the Maidan.  Sandbags stacked in front of gutted column halls – closely akin to a last bastion – in an attempt to preserve the remains of the cultural heritage? Or is it this heritage that one is defending against?


Sasha Kurmaz

Many of his images and current projects, which can be viewed at, seem to be telling an own story. But taken together and viewed in a wider context, they tell the story about the forging of an identity in a post-industrial, post-Soviet society. His third and latest book, Concrete und Sex, was published by